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Monroe Energy Values

Restarting and running a refinery, particularly in our region, takes new and innovative ways of operating such a facility. More importantly, it takes a team of diverse people who are willing and dedicated to working together, building upon the more than 100 years of regional refining expertise, while always looking to the future for continued success.

We work as a team to overcome obstacles, implement innovative solutions and chart new courses as we revolutionize an industry.

What does it mean to be Monroe?

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Safety, Health and Environment

We care for our employees, contractors, communities, and the environment in which we live and work. We believe that:

  • Our safety takes precedence in everything we do;
  • Injuries and incidents are preventable;
  • Everyone is responsible for ensuring a safe, secure and environmentally sustainable workplace;
  • Employee engagement, involvement, and recognition are essential to promoting a strong Safety, Health and Environmental culture;
  • Continuous improvement is critical to achieving our goal of zero incidents.
Safety and caring for the environment are permanent values — not temporary priorities.


We are honest and ethical in everything we do and with everyone we serve. Our integrity extends to:

  • Employees
  • Owners
  • Customers
  • Peers
  • Governmental agencies
  • Contractors and suppliers
  • Our communities
We do what we know is right every day without exception, treating all as valued team members. Our future depends on it.

Trust and Respect

We are one team. Trust and respect form the foundation of our relationships with each other, our customers, and our suppliers. We will:

  • Value each other’s background and ideas;
  • Encourage honest and open dialogue to achieve the best results;
  • Respect the dignity and contribution of our team members, both employees and contractors; and
  • Treat each other as we would expect to be treated.
Trust can be earned only when entrusted with opportunity. Respect is gained only when given to others.

Striving for Excellence

We are an organization of Leaders — Leaders at every level striving toward ever-increasing performance and ability. We see excellence as an ever-moving target that allows us to become better. Striving for excellence requires each of us to be:

  • Agile in observing, reacting to and working to overcome challenges;
  • Tenacious in our focus, our hard work and our attention to detail; and
  • Relentless as we push forward, look to the future and reach toward success.
Our search for excellence asks us to care more than others may think is wise, risk more while keeping each other safe, dream more than many will think practical and expect more each day to achieve what seems impossible.


We value the strengths, experiences and perspectives of each of our employees. While we rightfully take pride in our accomplishments, we recognize that there are always challenges ahead, and that there is often a better way of doing things. We display humility on a daily basis by:

  • Listening to everyone in a respectful manner, as we believe that listening leads to learning, and collaborative efforts lead to more success;
  • Learning from our mistakes by being open to candid feedback and providing open feedback to our colleagues;
  • Being open to personal change and continuous improvement, and looking to learn from our successes and failures in equal measure; and
  • Placing service before self.
Humility is not a value for the foolish; rather, it’s a value to be embraced by the wise who want to become wiser. We always reserve the right to get smarter.
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